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Whether you are a beginner or experienced our app will adapt to your level and rhythm knowing your previous workouts and current mood

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Is it right for you?

Lose Weight

You want to control your weight, have already learned how to count calories, but don't have an exercise plan.

Can't start

You decided to start exercising again but you don't want to buy an annual gym membership only to stop working out after a week.

Haven't made any progress

Your workouts only add physical and emotional stress. You want to quit all the time. You want to change your training plan and you're looking for a more effective system for your body.

How does it work

Steps and principles of work.

first step
1. Choose how you feel

First, TrainIn asks you to choose the phrase that best describes how you are feeling before today's training: ...
Energized Feeling well A bit tired Exhausted This subjective assessment of your current energy level accurately reflects your subconscious desire to exercise.

first step
2. Choose your exercise load

Second, the application analyzes your current and historical choices, as well as any feedback you provided after previous sessions,...
o offer options for today's training load (intensity, duration, etc.). These loads correspond to various types of workout plans:
Developmental / Growth Maintenance Restoration Relaxation / Recreation Although the program's algorithms craft professional exercise strategies, ultimately, if you allow yourself to intuitively pick the most appealing option without trying to analyze which one is "correct," you will choose the most effective solution for that moment.

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4. Feedback

After training, the application will ask you to describe your feelings during the workout...
You will be able to indicate how difficult or easy it was for you to perform the exercises.
This will allow the application to professionally assess your condition and physical level which will also be taken into account to better select a daily training program

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3. Training

TrainIN then provides a detailed description of your training tasks with photos and/or video explanations where necessary. ...
After training, you may enter feedback in the application. Your choices and feedback are saved and become the basis of a constantly refined personalized training plan. There are important rules for using this application:
Always use the application immediately before the workout to capture your true current sense of well-being Never exceed the planned workout load, even if during exercise you feel an unusual surge of strength; your subconscious needs to experience what it has chosen in order to recalibrate its decisions at your next workout
If during training you suddenly experience fatigue or a strong reluctance to continue -- stop; these are signals that you have already done everything you need for today


What do you want to know?
You will get more interesting about our app.

The way we are influenced by their social environment is often at odds with what is good for us individually, leading to alcoholism, anorexia, health problems due to overworking, etc. Our evolution as a species has ingrained in us the tendency to blindly copy the actions of "successful" or "strong" people, or to readily adopt "existing opinions." This pattern of behavior was formed and succeeded in completely different circumstances where the physical impact of our environment was more immediate and dangerous. However, modern life is full of completely new challenges, and respect for the principle of "do as others" no longer works unconditionally. This practice also plays out in the realm of physical fitness: We often try to imitate someone who runs faster, lifts bigger weights, looks better than us, or who is not shy to tell us, "workout like I do and you'll become like me." But it is impossible to become "him" because you have your own unique combination of physiological, anatomical and psychological features, some of which will change from day to day. Sport science has methods to supposedly optimally achieve one or another goal, and other methods of achieving objectives in the shortest possible way. However, there is one essential "but" - modern neurophysiology, and especially the concept of neuromarketing, has revealed that our brains (subconsciously) make a decision up to 13 before we act upon this choice ... All of our physiological processes are controlled by our subconscious mind, so naturally our subconscious has more information about what is happening in our body, about our workload and recovery capacity in the moment. The high-achievement sports world has long known of this phenomenon and the benefits of listening to yourself: The intuitive training process. We have developed TrainIn as a program where the training process is based on classical guidelines developed by sports science but implemented in collaboration with the unique features of each individual by subconscious means. Our program purposefully directs the user's attention to their feelings. By following our online coaching recommendations, each individual will train communication with their subconscious in a relatively short time, and in turn provide TrainIn with accurate information to ensure TrainIn will help the individual achieve personal growth in a richer and safer way than simply mimicking someone else's path to success. Becoming "champions" and "more beautiful" may remain the source of our motivation, but TrainIn can help us exercise in accordance with our true inner selves.

An intuitive training process and a professional training plan (including alternating periods of rest and activity) are the key to the success of the vast majority of world-class athletes. These same principles protect us from the most common causes of interruptions in the training cycle - injuries, and physical and emotional overload. TrainIn is your personal online trainer, available to you whenever and wherever you choose to exercise. The application will make recommendations in accordance with the principles of sports science, norms in physical fitness, and the latest discoveries in the field of neurophysiology. Depending on your progress and motivation, the program will offer a variety of intermittent physical activity plans, ranging from steady and easy-to-do exercises; to pace, interval and speed training; even to plans which will help you achieve the pinnacle of sports success. TrainIn's algorithms will, based on the size, intensity, and frequency of the user's previous workout history, offer a range of lessons, and will continue to fine-tune your training process over time. With the help of TrainIn, you'll get to the right types of activity, training loads, and regularity your mind and body need to achieve your goals.

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Andris Kudurs

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Andris Kudurs

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Jānis Dombrovskis

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Pavel Karatay

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Pavel Karatay

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